Buying the best charcoal grill can be a tedious and tricky exercise. You may go through all the features, pore over all the specs, but when it comes to performance, the grill might just deliver something else altogether. A lot of people I know tend to look at only the technical features and not at the practical performance, which can vary very wildly. best small charcoal grill has some nice tips on this.


Therefore, to make your decision to buy the best charcoal grill possible, here are some key pointers you should keep in mind:

1. What are your requirements?

The first thing I ask anyone who wants to know which is the best charcoal grill is "what do you want out of your grill?". There is no 'best charcoal grill' as such - what may be best for person A might not be the best for person B. Suppose you want to BBQ in your backyard. A heavy duty outdoor portable grill would be inadequate for your needs. Similarly, if you want an outdoor grill, lugging around a big Weber performer grill would be cumbersome.

Therefore, start off your hunt for the best charcoal grill by narrowing down your own requirements.

2. Size and Cooking Area

Size, both of the entire grill, and the cooking area, are two important considerations when looking for the best charcoal grill. The size of the grill matters; you can't carry a large grill around on a camping trip. But more than that, you want to pay attention to the size of the cooking area. A Weber 22.5" kettle grill is perfect to feed half a dozen people. However, if you expect to feed an entire backyard BBQ party with it, you will find it wholly inadequate.

Carefully consider the size of the cooking area depending on who you want to cook for. If it will be just you and your family, a small 22.5" Weber grill would suffice. Otherwise, you might want to invest in a larger model.

3. Ease of Use

Ease of use matters, even if you have been grilling for the past 20 years. Little features such as the One-Touch cleaning system in Weber 22.5" kettle grills make your life a whole lot easier. Look for these little features - they come in quite handy if you barbecue regularly.

4. Build Quality


It is no secret that most grills have to endure a lot of abuse. Most people I know keep the same grill for decades. The best charcoal grill should be able to handle bad weather conditions, rain, heat and a fair amount of physical damage. Weber kettle grills, for instance, are made of porcelain enameled steel which enhances its durability and makes it waterproof. Get the strongest, most durable grill that your budget can afford, always.

5. Price

Charcoal grills are typically cheaper compared to their gas and electric counterparts. Some of the best charcoal grills can be bought for less than $100. But remember that this is a purchase that will likely last you for several years. So it makes sense to invest a little extra money and buy the best charcoal grill that you can.